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Why choose us?

We get it right, right from the start! Advertising your property is a time sensitive matter and requires dedication. What separates us from the others is just that. We post, repost and REPOST some more. Our committed marketing team posts advertisement multiple times a day , over and over , on all the rental platforms, to keep them current and at the top of the list platforms. Most Vancouver Property Managers will post a single Ad every few days, but they hardly get their rental Ad noticed as they get buried by all the new postings. Our strategy guarantees MAXIMUM exposure. We gather a multitude of interest . Then we group all our showings together, at the same time, to create an ambience of demand . Without giving to much up of our "secret sauce" , we are the pinnacle of efficiency; Rent out the unit fast, to the best prospect , with the best credentials. Doing it right from the start, ensures the successful tenancy and relationship that everyone can appreciate.